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Site map:

I am still translating our web pages. If you reach a page whose text is still in portuguese, you can request me the translation (and I will do it ASAP) or use an automatic translator, like the one in altavista.


++ = page ready
+- = page partially ready
-- = page without data yet
e = translated to English
s = translated to Spanish


+-e indexen.html Main start page
++e mapaen.html This page
+-e contatoen.html Some ways to contact us
++e precosen.html Local price list of our equipment
++e quemsomosen.html Who we are, people, policy, objectives.


++ indexen.html General view of some applications
++ fiosecabosen.html Application - Cables and wires
++ retificaen.html Application - Centerless grinding
++ trefilacaoen.html Application - Drawing steel wires
+- tubosen.html Application - Plastic tube extrusion
-- usinagemen.html Application - Measuring machined parts


+- indexen.html Index and basic description of our products


+- indexen.html Optical diameter gauges - Description and specifications
-- funcionamentoen.html Characteristics and inner working of laser and CCD diameter gauges
++ mapen.html The new MAP series of diameter gauges
++ map40en.html Info and picture of the MAP40
++ mod40xen.html Info and picture of the MOD40X
++ mod40xyen.html Info and picture of the MOD40XY
++ mod100xen.html Info and picture of the MOD100X
++ mod100xyen.html Info and picture of the MOD100XY
++ mod200xen.html Info and picture of the MOD200X
++ ovalacaoen.html Single and double axis measurement on oval samples


++ indexen.html General view of AC and DC spark tester
++ comparacaoen.html Comparing AC and DC on some topics
++ staen.html Specifications of our AC spark testers
++ stden.html Specifications of our DC spark testers


-- indexen.html Our ultrasonic thickness gauge
-- funcionamentoen.html Working principle of ultrasonic gauges


+- indexen.html Specifications and models of control units


-- indexen.html Custom products

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